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Charly Toni


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In the course of the companies Charly founded, built, worked for, failed at or sold, he has done pretty much everything from defining the company’s vision, deriving a concise strategy and underlying business objectives, negotiating investment and key contracts, managing sometimes highly politically charged investor relations, managing international press, leading his teams through constant transformation, to enabling and participating in a highly efficient environment for research and development. But above all, he’s a strategist, people leader, geek, proper technology & data nerd and networker at heart – not necessarily in this order. Charly has been allowed to participate in the C-suite of multinational corporates and advised Boards of multinational corporates, typically outperforming his targets, identifying undiscovered risks and opportunities, pragmatically balancing technological idiosyncrasies with business needs. Charly joined Wehkamp as Group CTO in April 2016 and is now Managing Director of Tinka, the consumer finance business within the group. He is utterly enjoying his active role in its ongoing cultural, business and technological transformation.

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